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Contractor Benefits:
Increase your sales and revenue. Market research indicates that homeowners and businesses will purchase PT systems if given the opportunity to buy.
Simple connection to any water heater. Reduces "engineering" in the home
Simplified consumer understanding and acceptance when compared to more complimented active systems
PROGRESSIVTUBE® solar hot water heating systems supply the majority of hot water for families of two through five plus
Maximize your marketing budget, new profitable opportunities
System financing program available to qualified authorized dealers and distributors
Simple, fast installations - ground or roof mount
In-house engineering available for commercial and industrial applications
Simplified ordering, no complex pump, storage tank, heat exchanger, and electronic control
When compared to active water heaters, PROGRESSIVTUBE® solar hot water heating systems reduce inventory requirements. PROGRESSIVTUBE® systems require 3/4" insulated copper tube and miscellaneous fittings that are contractor supplied.
When compared to active solar hot water heaters, PROGRESSIVTUBE® systems maximize warehouse space. Eight PROGRESSIVTUBE® systems require only thirty four square feet of floor space including system kits and mounting hardware
TCT SunBuilt™ builder program available to authorized PROGRESSIVTUBE® contractors and dealers
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