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For more than 20 years, PROGRESSIVTUBE® Solar Water Systems have earned the reputation of exceptional value in tropical and temperate climates worldwide. Now, Canadian & Northern US climates can enjoy the many benefits that the PROGRESSIVTUBE® system has to offer.

PROGRESSIVTUBEv Seasonal Solar Systems TM are designed to supply a significant percentage of the daily hot water heating load during the spring, summer and fall. In late fall through early spring, the PROGRESSIVTUBEv Seasonal Solar System TM is drained and isolated. In the event of an unexpected freeze condition, the built-in Eaton Dole Freeze Valve will provide limited protection. During the cold, overcast winter months, your existing conventional water heating system furnishes your hot water needs.

PROGRESSIVTUBE® Seasonal Solar Systems TM are "passive" preheating systems, requiring no pumps, controls, mechanical equipment or electric utility power to operate. It works during electric utility power outages, requiring only water pressure to operate.

The factory-engineered design assures simplified installation and excellent performance that will result in an exceptional return on your investment for years to come.

Probability of at Least One Pipe Freeze in 20 Years (Seasonal Use Only)
Consumer Benefits
When compared to other water heating systems, regardless if they are conventional water heaters, or other types of solar water heating systems, PROGRESSIVTUBE® systems result in exceptional economic returns. Quite simply, PROGRESSIVTUBE® systems have better life cycle costs, better simple payback and lower operations and maintenance costs.
Excellent return on investment and rapid payback
No future fuel increases
Low/no maintenance costs
Additional hot water storage capacity
Tested and certified performance. Meets or exceeds all USA codes and certifications.
10 year limited warranty
Additional federal and state utility incentives are now available.
Contractor Benefits
PROGRESSIVTUBE® sales and installations are quick and contractor-friendly. They are available fully packaged including collector, collector mounting hardware and plumbing valve kits. All that is required to complete the installation is 3/4" insulated copper tubing, miscellaneous plumbing valves and roof sealant.

In Northern climates, as the Upper Mid West and Northern New England, winter months have less solar resource when compared to Southern climates. When coupled with the initial lower installed cost and lower maintenance costs, the PROGRESSIVTUBE® Seasonal Solar System TM offers exceptional value to your clients and added profit potential to your business.
Simplified consumer understanding and acceptance when compared to more complimented active systems, yields a higher sales closure.
Maximize your marketing budget, new sales opportunities, propane and electric customers.
Easily retrofits to any existing water heater.
Simple, fast installations - ground or roof mount
Reduced inventory requirements.
Simplified ordering
Maximize warehouse space.
Additional state and utility incentives available
Seasonal Solar Q & A
Question: Can I use the PROGRESSIVTUBE® Seasonal Solar System TM in Northern Climates?

Answer: Yes. Just like swimming pools located in Northern climates, our system is not freeze proof. The water heating system is turned on in the springtime and drained in the fall. In fact, many existing Northern climate customers schedule the installed system to start up and drain back at the same time as their swimming pools. Residential, as well as commercial customers, who understand this feature can enjoy substantial energy saving benefits during the summer season.
Question: What would the payback of a PROGRESSIVTUBE® system located in Wisconsin or North Carolina be?

Answer: When compared to propane or electric water heaters, our Northern climate system has a simple payback of 3-7 years. Additionally, many states including Wisconsin and North Carolina offer residential and business financial incentives. To learn more about these incentives, visit www.dsireusa.org. If your home is located in coastal North Carolina, the PROGRESSIVTUBE® will supply a significant percentage of hot water year-round.
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