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About TCT Metrima BTU Meters
TCT Metrima BTU Meters meet the demands of metering and monitoring different sources of energy. Regardless whether it is solar thermal or district heating/cooling, our turn-key solutions will cover all your needs.

By offering a wide range of system types will enable meter readings, billing and acquiring Green Tags/Renewable Energy Credits (REC's), our customers have better control over their energy metering costs. System performance allows for accurate data acquisition for the billing of thermal energy delivered.

TCT Metrima BTU Meters meet or exceeds all international standards for a billing of solar thermal and conventional energy sources.

For over 60 years, Metrima has been delivering products and systems to utilities, energy service companies and district heating companies throughout Europe. Exceeding customer's expectations, Metrima meters are highly regarded for its accuracy, simplicity, and flexibility in a wide range of thermal applications.

The product range includes meters for solar thermal, district heating and cooling, automated meter reading (AMR), monitoring and optimization of most any thermal load. Over two million BTU meters are in operation worldwide today.
How They Work
The TCT Metrima BTU Meter calculates thermal energy delivery by the calculation of the fluid inlet and outlet temperature differential, delta T, and the volume of fluid passing through the system. The measurement of the and flow allows the user to calculate BTU delivery and kWh saving within one simple system. Additionally, the TCT Metrima calculator allows the user to obtain additional information such as total gallons consumed, volume/gallons per hour, system operating temperatures, total kW and total kWh generated.
Product Overview
TCT Metrima offers a wide range of calculators, temperature sensors, compact meters, ultrasonic and mechanical flow meters and communication capabilities. TCT Metrima Meters are quality and environmentally certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. (Communication options available in North American Summer 2006.).
F2 Metering System

The F2 Metering System meter consist of a calculator that computes and displays system operation and mechanical flow with paired temperature sensors.

The flow sensor is a single jet wing wheel flow sensor with + or 2% accuracy, and is available in the flow sizes (Qn) 2.64, 6.60 and 11.0 gal/m. The flow sensor is completely dry running with a magnetic coupling. A special carbide bearing ensures long-term trouble free life.

The meter has two extra pulse inputs. These may be used for hot and cold-water meters. As an alternative, two extra pulse outputs for energy and volume may be chosen, instead of the pulse inputs.
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